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The idea of entering a new market is viable on paper. But on-ground realities can pose unexpected challenges. The process has to ride on a comprehensive entry strategy, based on market and competitive environments. We use our experience to help build the roadmap you need.

Growth demands new opportunities – in the form of new portfolios, products and services, strategic alliances and unexplored markets. Detailed market and industry reports, and strategies, can help make prudent decisions in this new venture while identifying potential new market segments and blind spots. A carefully-crafted entry strategy ensures not only the successful launch of a product or service but a blueprint for the entire business. It becomes simpler to create tactical programs and craft a sales language that drives sales and recognizes revenue, across boundaries.

When it comes to effective product development in a new setting, the target market or country competitors, pricing strategies and production requirements play a critical role. In many ways, it is an on-going effort that includes creating a roadmap that defines consistent product quality and staying ahead of the market. Localized marketing plans help maximize sales and optimize effectiveness for all partners and distribution channels. We use our wide-ranging global experience in the UK, Europe, Thailand and South East Asia to understand the customer journey, leverage new markets in India and help drive your actionable growth strategy: including product and brand launches. Our go-to-market strategies are crafted for businesses that need help to launch a brand or an existing Indian brand that seeks expansion. This includes setting goals, conducting thorough market research with competition analysis, a precise distribution plan, pricing strategy and people strategy, for your undertaking.

Delna is an excellent leader. She is very thoughtful, creative, strategic, and a skilful communicator. My students and I have always learnt a lot from our interactions with Delna. Her insights into the Indian consumer is very valuable to anyone interested in launching products or starting new businesses.

Rajkumar Venkatesan
Professor, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
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