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In today’s volatile markets, the prospect of a swiftly-evolving, adaptive organization is very appealing. But while the vision is inviting, the reality can be a challenge. We partner businesses to profitably scale up with a robust, sustainable engine that goes beyond growth.

When a business objective revolves around scaling, the organization needs to be designed for it at the core. Crafting a clear business perspective and a clean narrative and pitch with vision, customer strategy, financial and other milestones are essential for a blueprint.


A robust foundation based on a universal customer experience accelerates scaling – we help you think through on the product or service from a consistent and modular lens. We articulate the core competency of your business, correlated with competitors, internal strengths and deficiencies to further amplify the scope.

From a people perspective, the leader must become increasingly irrelevant to the execution of the strategy. Scaling needs them to focus on the big picture. One way to achieve this is to hire effectively - for a common vision - and create a complementing team. We ensure that the system runs independent of who runs it, putting down SOPs with appropriate delegation and responsibility structure.


For other alliance and collaborative jobs, the right network of entrepreneurial outfits, service providers, suppliers and channel partners makes a difference.  Scaling effectively also means anticipating demand proactively, moving in tandem with internal planning. We help plan cash flows and manage cash stack.


With rich experience across geographies, strategic roles and multi-industries, we work with you to achieve scale – whether as a large business launching a smaller business vertical or a young enterprise ready to grow.

Delna has great business insights to work on strategy, coupled with the experience to guide teams on ensuring that the strategy is implemented. At SILA we have worked with her on business development and overall brand/marketing projects. We have definitely taken away few key learnings that will help us as we scale.

Sahil Vora
Founder & Managing Director, SILA Group
Business Perspective on Scaling.jpg

Business Perspective

Design your organization to scale profitably: Business Perspective

People Perspective on Scaling.png

People Perspective

Design your organization to scale profitably: People Perspective

Operations Perspective on Scaling.jpg

Operations Perspective

Design your organization to scale profitably: Operations Perspective

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