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Mentoring Programs

There have been certain common areas where my mentorship has been sought whether from first-time entrepreneurs, freelancers or corporate executives. The feedback has been consistent that though there are several good books, talks & courses available, the personal one-to-one understanding is difficult to come by or at times even afford. I have developed interventions around some of the topics requested and am devoting a few consulting hours every week to work through these with you. This is pay forward designed for people who cannot afford my regular consulting fees however I do charge a nominal ‘guru dakshina’ to ensure that only people who are serious and interested in investing in themselves reach out.

Stop earning a living;
start living a life

Book 30-min free call to develop customised solution

Goal Setting to scale life. business. you.

Course includes feedback

create the network.
kill the noise.

Course includes feedback

career management in the corporate world

Phone / Email consultation

21-day countdown to eliminate confusion

Course includes feedback

define your brand or someone else will

Course includes feedback

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