Stop earning a living; start living a life

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The first step is the hardest. You are here because you know you need to take that step. This free consultation is to help you evaluate your options & design a customised solution to support your personal or business goals.

What will I learn?

  • A brief consultation to discuss your professional concerns and suggest a way forward

Who will benefit?

This consultation is for anyone who would like an external professional guidance for evaluating their possible course of action whether for career planning in the corporate environment or business scaling as a freelancer or entrepreneur.


There are times when we feel driven by an internal urge to completely change the professional status quo. And then there are times when we know we could do so much better than we are. The feeling that there is something missing; something is holding us back from creating the life we want to live.

This 30-min free consultation is to help you think through your alternatives & plan a guideline for your next steps. It is recommended that the question is articulated by you in advance with any relevant material shared on email prior to the consultation.


30-min Skype consultation

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