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  • Delna Avari

No, I am not a starving entrepreneur. No, I am not a billionaire investor. I am me.

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

And so the questions continue. Why did you walk out on such a lucrative; high profile career?

Are you a start-up? No. Do you have a few millions to invest? No. Oh, you burnt out? No. Actually I haven’t felt more fit and happier in ages. Ok, so you hate the Group. No, quite the contrary, I love the Group and would recommend it to everyone to build their career in. Silence.

It never ceases to amaze me why we are so keen to continually box everyone. I do understand that most people need a reference point to understand. And yet, don’t we continually need someone to actually set new reference points?

And so no, I am still not answering ‘the question’; simply because how can you expect another to understand your journey…it is your road to travel and the ones who want to accompany you on your journey will do so without asking why.

One thing I can say about myself and many like me; is that we have a ‘keeda’ (bug)…that thing that just won’t let us rest on our laurels or let us be judged by someone else’s standards of success. The minute we feel comfortable; we have to unsettle ourselves.

Many moons ago, I worked briefly on researching the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Even further moons back, I represented the State for athletics whilst signing off as the student of the year. In the last several moon cycles, it has been obvious that the sectors of education, healthcare and weddings are growth markets for India. Since I cannot relate to the lattermost; the former two are my focus.

And I can almost hear it; why do I not relate to weddings? So I allude to future trends in education and healthcare but it is my abject disinterest in a sector that will interest many. Well, in case you missed the giant ads provoking the Parsi community to marry & procreate; let me draw your attention to that. It is another matter, that they used the print & conventional media route to communicate to a target audience that could have each been given a 2-night stay at Taj to get them going; served right at their doorstep without the hoopla of the campaign. But I digress…more on how to reach your target audience with the highest ROI is for another day.

The Indian wedding sector has been the attention for long enough. Many players vying for this market with the kind of ‘innovation’ that is purely incremental & often forced. It is truly education technology and healthcare where we can change the fortunes of many millions. It is not incremental change of an app or putting in processes, undoubtedly needed but of the step changes in how we educate our burgeoning population or how we tackle our burgeoning waistlines. My thoughts on that soon…

(This post first appeared as a LinkedIn post on 6 Sep 2016)


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