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  • Delna Avari

So you heard the inner voice; now what?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

So you heard your inner voice & have started your career journey. When you start a new job or start freelancing or start your own business, there is a fair amount of motivation that’s already driving you. The adrenaline is high; the passion is high & the expectations are high! Desire to learn, desire to do well is skyrocketing whether in the corporate world or in your own business. You have a lot of lofty ideas, a lot of goals and bucket loads of ambition. At this stage itself, you should be thinking ‘Hey, what will keep me going?’ What are the things I have consciously planned to do that will ensure my inner drive doesn’t dip?

Once the initial euphoria phase is over I have observed a couple of things happen. Either you are doing well, growing well, learning a lot & contributing a lot. Or often times, a certain disillusionment starts setting in. In your business, you find yourself being dragged into ‘mundane’ admin jobs or the funds are drying up or the understanding of what it takes to get people to actually pay for your product or service is a lot harder than you initially thought. Suddenly, you are spending more time on legal, financial & HR matters, trying to scout for ‘right’ talent, battling customer feedback and getting confused about what to act on first. It is now the day-to-day running and building of the business that hits some people rather hard. In the corporate world, it is the longer hours than peers but same reward to both that gets you or the environment feels stifling, bureaucratic & too hierarchical. Or then the boss doesn’t understand you or if she does, she appears to be unable to move the system.

It is at this stage, that you need to do a check point consciously; mindfully. Ever so often, people get stuck in this phase for years on end; it is too hard or too boring – rose tainted glasses are now off and living in limbo appears to be part & parcel of existing. It is therefore extremely dangerous to get stuck in this phase and the interventions required to yank yourself out are much needed & important to see through.

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