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  • Delna Avari

Map your time. Create your network.

Time is a finite commodity and its efficient use will have a significant influence on your success outcomes. I personally do have great interest in the space-time continuum but here I am referring to the general definition of time! One of the harder things to do is to actually acknowledge how much time we spend daily on aspects that have no bearing on our results or wellbeing.

A luncheon conversation this weekend led me back to dear ol’ Google Analytics to check where the most time had been spent for my mentoring programs. Not surprised, it was ‘Create the Network. Kill the Noise’. The sales results are similar but the conversion ratio of looking to buying is not. So basically, most people realise that their network is not supporting their goals but ironically they are still hesitating to do something about it.

An easy first step is to actually just list out everything that distracts you daily or saps your energy; be it social media, laziness, other people’s agenda, childhood friends. And then to start thinking about how could one actually invest their time better? Sometimes you could worry that you will come across as too rigid or even boring to be constantly thinking about whether you are gainfully using every minute. Quite flawed to feel that way; actually if you are mindful of how you are enriching your mind, you will find that in time you have a vast body of topics that you can effectively talk about and a much broader scope to think & act.

When you put your mind to something, research it, talk about it, you open up new opportunities; some you build on and some you move on from. You could watch football for entertainment and then when you read beyond just league table standings to what kind of brand endorsements are happening, what is the value system of the player, where could the player be a good fit, what is the future for sports marketing, what new formats can come up for various sports, where are the gaps to ensure growth of the industry, suddenly you are increasing the bandwidth of your thought whilst still having fun and connecting various dots; creating an entire canvas and a new way of looking at something.

Over a period of time, you will begin to appreciate that this network creation that happens in your mind, almost subconsciously now, is a big differentiator. The ability to then link something that is happening in sports to say your business in healthcare to progress in IoT to who is doing what & the relevant influencers in the social media space will create tremendous new opportunities for you. But that only happens if you are mindful with the time you have and if you realise that spending those minutes reading or watching or discussing a concept instead of discussing a human being is going to take you much further.

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