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  • Delna Avari

It is called ‘basic’ for a reason. Let's get that right first.

There has been a steady stream of young start-ups writing in for business scaling mentoring ever since went live last month. I am honoured that organic reach is still alive and working well for my mission. So here goes, before you write in think through these basic questions, it will help you get the maximum out of the limited time you get from me – it is always about ROI or ROTI in this case!

  1. What is the core proposition of your business?

  2. What is the business goal year-wise?

  3. What is your revenue model, how will you make money?

  4. Who is your competition? Direct & indirect.

  5. Who is your target consumer? What is the clear consumer insight that makes your business valuable?

  6. Why will your consumer pick your offering over any other? Please list your tangible & intangible benefits.

I am certain there will be a few who wonder why I am mentioning something so basic. I just had to put this out; the decks with ridiculous projections and refrains of ‘I have no real competition’; ‘My take on the sector is different’ got a bit much. Incidentally I am enjoying Evernote immensely to organise all my work and staying productive, check it out if you haven't

The other aspect is quite simply that not every business needs to raise massive amounts of money to scale. There are good solid businesses that are being quietly built and returning a healthy profit. Don’t get swayed by what you read & hear; understand what works for your business.

Most people who have worked with me know the classic Delna left eyebrow lift to indicate I am mildly amused-annoyed at what is being said. Unfortunately; email & phone calls rob the recipient of that pleasure especially when founders talk about exit & funds before the core business or when I am called a ‘thought leader’; ‘growth hacker’; ‘guru’ … you get the gist! Don’t get obsessed by tags & terminology; get obsessed with your business; your customers; your employees; get obsessed with delivering value & giving back to society in whatever small manner you can.

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