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  • Delna Avari

What is the secret sauce for your relentless pursuit & achievement of success?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Is there a secret sauce? Is there something I have done all my life that has continued to fuel my success? Actually on most days, I don’t acknowledge it as success but then nor do I define it as average or as a failure. It appears to be a journey that I enjoy daily! So, this question definitely got me thinking. August, with our new year and my birthday, somehow always turns into a month for introspection. And like the few people I admire, brings forth my strong spiritual side over my otherwise dominant rational, logical Spock persona.

For as long as I can remember, every fall had me getting up; figuratively or literally dusting off and starting again. Maybe the fact that I never start the day without thanking mother earth meant a fall was nothing more than a warm hug of encouragement. I have always had a vision for my life but at the same time it has been accompanied by short-term quantifiable goals. The achievement or failure has been celebrated with a select few and I have been largely deaf to criticism unless from my respected inner circle. Equally immune to judgemental glares whether selling pickup trucks in UP & Haryana in my early years or renegotiating business plans in Europe in my 20s or now when I walked away from someone else’s definition of success.

If you start believing your own created publicity, you are doomed so the ability to laugh at the ironies of life and never take oneself too seriously has been a constant. The other being extreme clarity on my non-negotiables and standing ground against all provocation. Always walked the talk. Always listened to the voice of intuition and not of fear.

So there, you have it, no secret sauce or one thing but just many little things that define you and a kick-ass bunch of people who believe in me, no matter what!

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