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  • Delna Avari

Not Going To Break My Stride!

I have always spoken about cultivating the ability to detect signals while ignoring the noise. And yet, my own ability has been severely tested in this environment. After the initial euphoria of finding new hobbies and building new skills, there is an almost deathly silence. The fear is palpable and very real. All the more a need to acknowledge the reality but move beyond it now.

Many moons ago, I was sharing critical feedback with one of the top guys and what action was needed. Suddenly he said I cannot rescue you from this, my quizzical brow raise was followed by “I have always been my own knight in shining armour, I don’t need rescuing. Your company on the other hand, most definitely does.” The truth is we all need help and we should ask for it, I do it too (brow raise notwithstanding). But as my mother dearest says, God helps those who help themselves.

It is time to shift the dialogue, it is time to keep moving and not let the situation break your stride. Yes, I am humming the 80’s tune as I write this.

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