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Self-leadership Catalyst Program

Self-leadership Catalyst Program

This introspective 3-step program is designed to be a guide at career inflection points, and assist founders or corporate executives looking for guidance in their business leadership journey.




In the first stage of the program, we will share a proprietary questionnaire with you to delve deeper into your leadership style. The questionnaire aims to wholly understand your aspirations and future vision while identifying challenges in career progression. This in-depth exercise enables us to form a holistic picture of your approach to business leadership and management.

 After we have received and processed your responses from the Discovery stage, we schedule a 90-minute audio or video call for the Synthesis stage. 


The Synthesis stage leverages your personal leadership style to create a customised blueprint for professional success. It challenges you to break through preconceived notions, and unearth innate capabilities. Keeping an open mind in this stage will empower you to achieve significant breakthroughs that reflect in your leadership style.

The program concludes with the Catalyst stage. Banking on the learnings from the Discovery and Synthesis stage, we enable you to form a customised Catalyst Action Plan for yourself, outlining your next actionable steps. We further review this plan and guide you toward the core business leadership skills and parameters to be worked upon to ensure that your business vision and its supporting execution plan are in alignment.

“As a mentor with Zone Startups, Delna Avari has been engaging with our portfolio for some time. Specifically, we requested her to take a session on Business Scaling Strategy for our women entrepreneurs cohort and, to put it in short, the session was terrific. Delna understands the nuances and importance of business strategy and communicates it effectively in her session. Her session not only introduces the relevant theory part but also uses lots of real-life case studies from her experience to drive the points further.”

Prachi Singhal

Zone Startups India


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