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Our consulting services are built around finding and optimising opportunities for clients, and bringing a holistic perspective to their growth. 

Business Scaling Consulting

In today’s volatile markets, the prospect of a swiftly-evolving, adaptive organization is very appealing. But while the vision is inviting, the reality can be a challenge. We partner businesses to profitably scale up with a robust, sustainable engine that goes beyond growth.


When a business objective revolves around scaling, the organization needs to be designed for it at the core. Crafting a clear business perspective and a clean narrative and pitch with vision, customer strategy, financial and other milestones are essential for a blueprint. A robust foundation based on a universal customer experience accelerates scaling – we help you think through on the product or service from a consistent and modular lens. We articulate the core competency of your business, correlated with competitors, internal strengths and deficiencies to further amplify the scope. 

From a people perspective, the leader must become increasingly irrelevant to the execution of the strategy. Scaling needs them to focus on the big picture. One way to achieve this is to hire effectively - for a common vision - and create a complementing team. We ensure that the system runs independent of who runs it, putting down SOPs with appropriate delegation and responsibility structure. For other alliance and collaborative jobs, the right network of entrepreneurial outfits, service providers, suppliers and channel partners makes a difference.  Scaling effectively also means anticipating demand proactively, moving in tandem with internal planning. We help plan cash flows and manage cash stack. With rich experience across geographies, strategic roles and multi-industries, we work with you to achieve scale – whether as a large business launching a smaller business vertical or a young enterprise ready to grow.

Business Scaling

Business Transformation Consulting

Business leaders understand the need to change. Dominating a market is not enough. Consistent reimagining is critical to brace for the challenges of tomorrow. We transform legacy organisations and younger enterprises alike - in a focused, step-wise sustainable manner, to deliver measurable results.

As transformation is a business imperative today, only a proven strategy can create profound, large and sustainable change. But while companies may dive deep to identify gaps in the evolution process, they struggle to zero in on functions that can be reorganized into multidisciplinary agile teams. Business model innovation and value creation can a lasting competitive advantage. We help make enduring, simultaneous and symbiotic changes to your business value proposition and its underlying operating model. 

A transformation is not a series of changes, such as strategy, followed by business model, organization, operations, and then culture. It is, in fact, a veritable reboot that enables a business to achieve a dramatic improvement in performance and future projection. It is a purposeful, complex and in-depth exercise that enables organizations to rapidly identify, build, and sustain the targeted capabilities needed to deliver impact. It happens from the inside out, where the organisation executes the transformation in a meticulous, planned manner. Through end-to-end solutions, we help establish institutional processes and systems needed to sustain those capabilities, while also impacting manufacturing and quality systems. Transformation also needs companies to balance the contrasting objectives of cost discipline and investments. We help companies drive for profit through metrics. We help bring additional value by shaping capability development around real work within an organisation.

Business Transformation

Business Creation Strategy

The idea of entering a new market is viable on paper. But on-ground realities can pose unexpected challenges. The process has to ride on a comprehensive entry strategy, based on market and competitive environments. We use our experience to build the roadmap you need. 


Growth demands new opportunities – in the form of new portfolios, products and services, strategic alliances and unexplored markets. Detailed market and industry reports, and strategies, can help make prudent decisions in this new venture while identifying potential new market segments and blind spots. A carefully-crafted entry strategy ensures not only the successful launch of a product or service but a blueprint for the entire business. It becomes simpler to create tactical programs and craft a sales language that drives sales and recognizes revenue, across boundaries.

When it comes to effective product development in a new setting, the target market or country competitors, pricing strategies and production requirements play a critical role. In many ways, it is an on-going effort that includes creating a roadmap that defines consistent product quality and staying ahead of the market. Localized marketing plans help maximize sales and optimize effectiveness for all partners and distribution channels. We use our wide-ranging global experience in the UK, Europe, Thailand and South East Asia to understand the customer journey, leverage new markets in India and help drive your actionable growth strategy: including product and brand launches. Our go-to-market strategies are crafted for businesses that need help to launch a brand or an existing Indian brand that seeks expansion. This includes setting goals, conducting thorough market research with competition analysis, a precise distribution plan, pricing strategy and people strategy, for your undertaking.

Business Creation

Sales Growth Consulting

Traditional sales prospecting has transformed. Today, sales acceleration serves a pointed purpose: to empower salespeople to close more deals faster through easy access to relevant data and insights. To be a game changer in this setting, accelerated growth demands analytical rigor and deep understanding of business.

It helps form a clear path to achieve growth objectives and shorten sales cycles. Beginning with sales enablement, existing capabilities and gaps in the team are assessed, eventually evolving into designing new material for training, and deploying measurement protocols. We provide a go-to-market model that help businesses move prospects through the sales pipeline with greater efficiency, and quick, tactical action.


We are focussed on sales team management and sales pipeline acceleration, with an eye on sales and business development function. Upon deep diving, the process entails an audit of people capabilities, sales process, lead generation process and deployment of proven sales formats. Later, live tracking, measurement and reviews help deliver a pre-decided sales target. We help design effective customer experiences, through quality customer relationship management and ROI-based solutions. Using the carefully-crafted ‘land & expand strategy’ of sales management, we drive clients to gain a customer and then expand within; or with lookalike customers in the same industry. Thus, a concerted effort takes you closer to your objectives that include – increasing share of the wallet, streamline channel programs, identify profitable products and customers, improve pricing and limit cost drainage. 

Sales Growth

Marketing & Brand Consulting

The right marketing and branding blueprint helps to steer the brand direction, build capabilities to profit from omni-channel opportunities and, to leverage technology and digital for better brand equity. We help assess the value you offer to narrate your brand story better.


The right brand strategy does not revolve around the brand. It is built around the customer - what the brand means to them, the brand promise they seek, the brand personality and values that will resonate, and what they truly value in a brand. Thus brand advocacy is at the heart of positioning and brand success. We begin crafting the brand strategy by fine-tuning target customers, deep diving into customer insights and the functional and emotional benefits that the brand delivers. We analyse the competitive landscape and zero in on the differentiators and reasons-to-believe that can transform the brand function. Anchored around Return on Investment (ROI) metrics, the exercise concludes with delivering a final brand deck with a brand language that syncs with the business strategy.

We are also focussed on creating marketing effectiveness for clients to help them achieve organic and profitable growth. Whether for launching a new brand or reviewing an existing brand, we start by mapping the marketing challenge, measuring it and finding the opportunity gap. By channeling the right marketing mix, and including new and relevant channels if needed, we help you maximise your investment, and drive optimal customer interactions at every touchpoint. We also offer expertise in retail dealership of the future.

Marketing & Brand

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

An inspiring leader is not born. They’re made by using their unique mix of strengths to take on bold missions and lead by example. We guide leaders and CXOs to ensure that their shared purpose is reflected in the way they work with the larger organisation.

Belonging to a rare breed of senior women leaders in a traditional industry, building diversity is a mission that Delna upholds dearly. We partner with companies to understand their core mandates, take steps to reach closer, and launch initiatives that deliver results towards inspired leadership. 

Inclusion is a business imperative and taking everyone along is critical to success. We partner businesses on diversity and inclusion initiatives through actionable strategies; and mentor senior leaders to build sustainable businesses with an equal focus on people and profit. Tapping into our industry insights and broad experience, we also partner with Zone StartUps on training their women tech entrepreneur cohort on business scaling.

Similing Team
Diversity & Inclusion
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