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Our Founder

Delna Avari is a global business leader, and a renowned name in the consultancy sphere. She holds an illustrative legacy across India, Europe and ASEAN, and works closely with corporates and start-ups looking to undergo transformative growth.

A Fulbright Fellow for Leadership from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010; Delna started her professional career with Tata Administrative Services (TAS-2001), completing assignments with Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Tea, Tanishq and TMTC. Delna has received over 100 industry awards for her excellence in business and marketing.

Prior to establishing her consulting practice, she held senior management positions with Tata Motors where she was part of the core leadership team that led the transformation of the Passenger Vehicles Business Unit (2011-2016). She was responsible for the profitable turnaround of UK and European operations for commercial vehicles (2004-2006) as well as the successful business entry into Thailand and development of the business creation strategy for ASEAN (2007-2010).

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Our Focus

"...Sustained profitable growth with people at the heart of decision-making..."

We are a business consulting firm committed to impacting our clients in a significant, enduring manner. We work with change-oriented companies to unlock insight, drive prudent decisions, and realize their goals to deliver the sustainable success they desire.


With years of rich expertise across industries, our holistic business outlook enables us to transform challenges into opportunities, and elevate your business toward operational and strategic excellence.

Our Solutions

Our business consultancy services include three types of business solutions. We address the transformation of legacy businesses and younger enterprises alike, as well as guide ambitious founders through inflection points in their leadership journeys.


By identifying gaps and refining operations, we effectively transform, accelerate sales and scale businesses for profitable growth. Through our brand and marketing strategies, we purposefully steer the brand toward greater brand equity, cementing their presence in the minds of consumers.

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