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Business Bootcamp

Business Bootcamp

An exclusive program for founders, first-time CXOs and MSMEs, designed to transform dream ventures into successful companies.

Start-up Consultancy

Breaking the glass ceiling with ambition and execution, our 7-session extensive bootcamp brings your start-up vision to life.


A crash course that builds a comprehensive understanding of critical business parameters, and empowers you with the know-how that can be replicated in real-time, to create a successful organisation. This 3-7 session business bootcamp is customised based on the stage of your company .

The Beginning

Your business journey with our customised plan begins with grasping the core of what it takes to build a successful business from scratch.




Session 1

Dedicated to an introduction on business fundamentals

Session 2

Business strategy, plan and model evaluation

Session 3

Business structure and people strategy

Advanced Series

Built on the foundational insights, we dive into four power-packed sessions focused on strategies, metrics and guidelines





Advanced Session 4


Sales and channel network strategy

Advanced Session 5

Marketing and communication strategy

Advanced Session 6

Business growth


Advanced Session 7

Business scaling execution plan

“Delna has been instrumental in the ongoing growth of Bayside Sports. Right since inception she has been a great strategic influence to my co-founder Vishal Gokani and me. She was the driving force behind us achieving a recent personal investment from Mr. Anand Mahindra and advised us as a true partner, every step of the way. She is a highly disciplined individual and always works with sound principles and ethics. I enjoy working with Delna as she continues to help us scale the company to new heights.”

Kyan Bharucha

Founder - Bayside Sports


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