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Business Catalyst Program

Business Catalyst Program

Our 3-step business consulting service connects you with industry experts who have worked with and advised 300+ startups, serving as a platform to curate customised solutions for business excellence.




Before we begin our business consulting journey, we aim to closely acquaint ourselves with the ins and outs of your company. To further this objective, we kick off the Discovery stage by sharing a proprietary questionnaire with you. 


The questionnaire aims to seek information on the nature of your business, and its operations and structures. This stage ensures that we are aligned on the essence, values and objective of your business, before moving on to the Synthesis stage.

After we have received and processed your responses from the Discovery stage, we schedule a 90-minute audio or video call for the Synthesis next stage. 


In this stage, we deep dive into the details of your business to identify strengths, areas of focus and possible avenues for growth. This analysis helps us conclude on action points and support areas. The session is specifically aimed at helping you identify bottlenecks and operational obstacles.

With the insights gained from the synthesis stage, you can now prepare the Catalyst Action Plan for your business. We help review your plan and guide you toward the core business parameters to be worked upon to ensure that your vision and its supporting execution plan are aligned. The Catalyst Action Plan will not only act as a reference point for your future operations but will also provide key learnings on critical parameters essential for the business. Your takeaways from our business consulting services will serve as a consistent roadmap for business growth.

“Working with Delna has changed my entire outlook, plan and direction my business was going in. She helped us look at the bigger picture, structure the organisation and take larger steps that I’ve always doubted. From brand strategy to number crunching and even finer details, Delna has been my go-to and helped me tremendously. After each session, we were excited to implement her feedback and advice and saw immediate results. Candid chats, change, research, inputs and large decisions, she has been a fabulous consultant for both my brands.”

Shaan Khanna

Founder - Spicy Sangria & NetworkingNow


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