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Business Scaling

Business Scaling

Redesigning start-ups for scaling at their core, with a foundational synchronisation of strategy, operations, and human resources.

Growth vs. Scaling

Streamlining People and Operations

The End State

Start-ups willing to take the scaling plunge need to first draw a clear distinction between growth and scaling.


A scaling approach aims for a rapid increase in revenue with incremental resource additions, as opposed to growth, which implies an increase in revenue proportional to resources added.

By leveraging their core-competency, we help start-ups move beyond the growth stage and embark on a business scaling journey that spans people, processes, operations and technology.

A successful business scaling strategy banks on modularity. We enable you to reimagine your product or service from a modular lens and create a universal consumer experience conducive to scaling. 


Streamlined operations are further amplified by adopting an effective people strategy. As a leader, you must take a step back and allow the system to run independently. This is made possible through strategic hiring of teams possessing broad and complementary skill sets.

Keeping your end state vision in mind, collaborate with us to position your start-up for successful scaling with our actionable, phased business scaling strategy and execution oversight.

“I had a dream but I don't think I had the necessary wherewithal to put it into action. Delna helped me do that and till today has been my go-to person when it comes to anything to do with business. She always has a solution for any problem I have on the work front and is never shy of letting me know when I have messed up, and that is something I appreciate the most. By far one of the smartest people I know and a mentor of the highest quality. Thank you for always having my back and for showing me the way!”

Sohrab Khushrushahi 

Founder - SOHFIT


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