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Diversity & Inclusion

Guiding corporates in ensuring that their diversity and inclusion vision is effectively reflected in their organisational structures.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Workforce Diversity Management

More than Just a Buzzword

Diversity, equity and inclusion are the three often overlooked business imperatives that are critical to success. As a senior leader in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Delna places a strong emphasis on the importance of building a gender-diverse and inclusive workforce. We believe that the adoption of policies aimed at strengthening workforce diversity has to be a conscious decision that comes from the very top. Backed by our industry insights, we help you shape these policies and build a people-first work environment.

When inclusivity is built into the core of the company, results can be clearly seen in the diversity of thought that comes with it. We partner with you to bring alive this diversity of thought by defining and aligning your core vision with your people strategy. Our actionable approach to diversity and inclusion initiatives will assist you in building a multifaceted workforce conducive to employee growth.

While workplace diversity is the HR world's favoured talking point, it is much more than just another buzzword. The range of perspectives that come with harbouring an inclusive and diverse work culture is a significant contributor in shaping decision-making processes.

“I had the opportunity to work with Delna for the webinar series Accelerating Her Entrepreneurial Journey hosted by the US Consulate Mumbai. A few things that stayed back with me were Delna's calm demeanour, professionalism, and down-to-earth attitude. A known name in the world of business strategy and management, Delna's expertise is to look at the big picture and the micro deliverables with equal ease. As part of the webinar series, Delna offered her expert advice to four hand-picked mentees on various business facets from scaling to business growth to business transformation to product development to branding to leadership roles and work-life balance. An inspiring role model for youngsters, Delna is passionate and committed to skill development of women entrepreneurs and supports initiatives for and led by women.”

Tejaswini Karalkar

Cultural Affairs Specialist at the US Consulate General, Mumbai


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