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Go-to-Market Strategy

Enabling businesses to face unseen market launch challenges through our detailed, localised and customised GTM framework.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Developing a Phased Go-to-Market Strategy

Reaching Local Markets

A Holistic Blueprint

Venturing into unexplored markets is an exhilarating prospect for any business - whether in the form of product portfolio expansion or new business creation. A successful product launch requires a solid GTM strategy to break through the market and establish a solid brand presence. 

We leverage powerful insights based on consumer profiling to create a strategic go-to-market framework for your business. By analysing product-market fit and conducting thorough competitors analysis, we tailor pricing, people, and distribution strategies to optimise your market entry.

Backed by diverse experience across India, UK, Europe and South East Asia, we deliver valuable insights finetuned to local markets. Our localised GTM strategy mitigates risk by taking regional consumer patterns into account, and amplifying capabilities across marketing, sales, distribution and production. Localised planning allows for improved customer experience, resulting in positive consumer-brand relationships for your business.

Our methodically crafted go-to-market plan not only leads the way for a successful product launch, but also acts as an actionable blueprint for the entire business, guiding a sales language that drives profit, and keeps your business ahead of the curve.

“Delna is an excellent leader. She is very thoughtful, creative, strategic, and a skilful communicator. My students and I have always learnt a lot from our interactions with Delna. Her insights into the Indian consumer are very valuable to anyone interested in launching products or starting new businesses.”

Rajkumar Venkatesan

Professor at Darden School of Business, 

- University of Virginia


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