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The endearing and enduring success story of Amul

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The Success Story of an Iconic Indian Dairy Cooperative - AMUL

Amul has conquered it all - butter, curd, beverage, cheese, ghee, ice cream, chocolates, and even our hearts. The History of Amul narrates how this milk company that established itself in Anand, Gujarat, on 14th December 1946, before India's independence from the British, successfully brought economic independence and women empowerment to millions of dairy farmers at that time and continues to do so even today. Started by Tribhuvandas Kishibhai Patel and Dr. Verghese Kurien (the latter also known as the Father of the White Revolution by Amul), Amul gained its success for the following reasons:

  • Elimination of the middleman: An important aspect of the Amul Business Strategy was its inception because the farmers were getting exploited by the British and by middlemen. By eliminating middlemen and allowing farmers to sell directly to the plants, an increasing number of dairy farmers became a part of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF).

  • Diversification and innovation: By expanding its market to produce not only milk but also products like butter, milk powder, ice creams, and cottage cheese, among others, Amul managed to stay up to date with the needs of its market and hence, stay relevant.

  • Effective marketing: Over the years, Amul has not only come up with the most iconic and catchy jingles but also, with the iconic "Amul girl," it has managed to stand apart from its competition and also create an identity for itself in the market.

  • Efficiency in its supply structure: Amul Business Strategy focuses on using three tiers in their supply process; the first tier is at the village level, collecting the milk and keeping the milk farmers connected with the milk unions; the second at the district level where the milk is kept and processed and lastly at the state level for distribution to the various places.

Even during the pandemic, Amul hasn't stopped innovating and keeping it fresh. They've come up with around 33 new products in the first quarter of 2020! These include milk products, sweets, and even frozen foods. It has even come up with a line of immunity-boosting products like Haldi ice cream and Ginger Doodh, among others.

Amul has helped empower women since its conception. Dr. Kurien believed in employing dairy farmers regardless of their caste, gender, or creed. As a result, many women gained economic independence by supplying the milk they got from their cattle to these milk unions in their villages. For example, a lady in Gujarat, closely affiliated with Amul, sold milk worth one crore in a year! Amul has also helped with the status of women in the village society by enabling them to have a more prominent role in their families and the decision-making process.

Along with this, it has even managed to decrease the rate of female infanticide, thus bringing up the male and female ratio in the villages.

Amul has single-handedly been the cause of the White Revolution by Amul in 1970 (also known as Operation Flood). It gave employment to dairy farmers regardless of their caste, creed, or economic background. The farmers being at the profit-receiving end of the process has helped many people come out of economic instability.

This forms a significant part of the Amul Success Story. Amul made India a country that once faced a shortage of milk and had to import to one that produces surplus milk and exports it to various countries.

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