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The flight of IndiGo- how it conquered the skies

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

IndiGo: The Success Story of India's Largest Passenger Airline

Visionaries that changed the way you fly - Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal. Friends since ‘85, the duo started IndiGo airlines in India in August 2006 after acquiring their first aircraft and initially starting with domestic flights a month later. This was the start of an incredible IndiGo Airlines History. Their first flight was from New Delhi to Imphal via Guwahati. The rest, as they say, is history.

IndiGo owes its success to factors like its far-reaching national and international network with 91 destinations in total, 67 domestic and 24 International, one-stop flights to major destinations in the USA and UK, and, more importantly, low-cost flights, an amazing customer experience with in-flight entertainment which includes a tie-up with the on-demand video streaming app, SonyLiv, as well as an in-flight magazine published by the airline called Hello 6E and on-time travel. This IndiGo Business Strategy has played a significant role in the IndiGo Success Story.

IndiGo is the most punctual Indian airline. It is also the first Indian aviation company to achieve success in the low-cost airline model. IndiGo managed to achieve this by using only one type of aircraft, i.e., A320, A321, and ATR 72-600, employing less staff and cutting down on excess cost (for example, most of the time, the customer needs to pay for inflight food while traveling). Along with this, their sale and leaseback strategy, where they sell their aircraft, and the buyer leases it back to them, helps them keep their costs down. This IndiGo Business Strategy, coupled with premium services like pre-assigned seats, multiple cancellations, and priority check-in to passengers who are willing to pay more, have contributed to their success.

Due to countries going under lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic, travel, and tourism agencies have taken a hit. As a result, many aviation companies like IndiGo have decided to sell shares to cushion the blow of the latest covid-19 spike.

A company that started off as a small startup with only one plane has now grown to include a fleet of 280 aircraft. It even secured a market share of 54.3% as of January 2021. This is a key highlight in the IndiGo Success Story.

IndiGo stood out from its competition by having a strategic plan for its low-cost travel model. Where many airlines fail here, their precise planning helped them keep their budget in check. IndiGo’s reputation of being an on-time and reliable aircraft has led them to grow a loyal customer base. Their CSR activities in women empowerment, education, and more have helped them maintain their trustworthy brand image. With a clear vision, strategic planning, and determination, IndiGo has become the largest Indian passenger airline, a significant part of IndiGo Airlines History.

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