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Sales Acceleration

Sales Acceleration

Achieving superior sales performance, increased deal sizes and higher win rates through a combination of tactics, processes, technologies, and resources.

The Sales
Acceleration Formula

The Leadership Perspective

Leverage our

With analytical rigour and deep understanding of industry trends, we work with you to develop a sales growth strategy directed towards accomplishing growth objectives and shortening sales cycles.

By determining the current potential and gaps, we create a customised action plan incorporating the drivers and enablers framework for acceleration. The framework identifies action steps in the areas of customer acquisition and retention, product strategy, profitability and sales force effectiveness. It also focuses on marketing approach, distribution optimisation, supply chain logistics and review cadence.

The proactive involvement of the senior management and utilisation of their intellectual capital is essential for sales acceleration.  The proactive management of building sales leaders at all levels who can identify key areas of improvement while refining their lead management and sales pipeline for increasing the funnel intake is a key aspect.


We enable leaders to optimise the sales force, without micromanaging them. By creating a team with the right product-minded people, we help induce the required selling behaviour to expedite profitable revenue growth.

Our services are rooted in expertise and proven sales formats, sales team management and sales pipeline acceleration. We develop training material to enhance sales force effectiveness and deploy relevant measurement protocols. Using the 'land and expand' strategy, we help boost your chances of winning new customers and growing within the existing customer base. We believe in achievement driven by design, and not by default.

“Delna has great business insights to work on strategy, coupled with the experience to guide teams on ensuring that the strategy is implemented. At SILA we have worked with her on business development and overall brand/marketing projects. We have definitely taken away few key learnings that will help us as we scale.”

Sahil Vora

Founder & Managing Director, SILA Group


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